We created this interview guide to help you capture the story of the elders in your life. 


- Brainstorm of a list of all the questions you want to ask based on the story you want to tell.

- Re-word your questions to optimize a longer answer.  Stay away from 'yes or no' questions and focus
on questions that will draw out a story (i.e. "What happened when...?" "Can you tell me about...").

- Mix the tangible context questions (who, what, where, when) with reflective questions (why, feelings).

- We don't recommend giving your subject the questions in advance, as they may sound rehearsed. 

-For the setting, choose somewhere comfortable and quiet -- ideally a place that is familiar to the subject.


-When you first sit down, it's important to set a casual tone and make them feel comfortable. Ask them routine questions first (“What have you done today thus far?”). The goal is to have a conversation.

-When you’re editing the video, you may want to avoid having the interviewer’s voice. Ask the subject if they can ‘repeat the question’. (Q: “Tell me about where you were born…” A:“I was born in 1918.”)

-Ask them look at you, not the camera. Make sure you film the pre- and post-interview. Some of the best moments happen here when they don't necessarily feel the pressure of the camera.

Try to mute your filler words. Let them finish their sentences. Allow awkward silences. Let the subject fill the space. Editing will be much easier if you have ‘room’ on both ends. 

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